Competency Matrix

What is Competency?

All skills and characteristics of the person which are observable and measurable, is called Competency. These abilities are classified in different groups or categories, such as behavioural skills, management skills. Knowledge, capability of doing anything and working skills. Competency means there is a relation between businesses and organizations with the help of which they both can achieve their aims.

The competencies of all the employees from upper to lower grade should be identified.

Competency matrix is a table or grid which clearly shows or categorizes the abilities or working manner of the worker along with his team members. The well managed grid of skills can identify the correct person for the required job. We can say competency matrix defines and is able to select the right person for the right job or scale.

How does it work?

Competency matrix is a useful thing and is of great importance in the field of business. It is used as a tool for the identification of the suitable person for the job, as well as a means to describe the needed competencies.

Let’s explain it with an example, a professional person having the skills of JAVA or software development is required in IT field. Same as this, the person has strong communication skills will be referring as a field worker, which is suitable for interacting with people and do productive work with them. On the other hand, a person who has leadership skills, motivational behaviour and having new ideas will be perfect for the interpersonal relations.

Now, it is clear that why measuring competencies is important for an organization and why should an organization go for the right person when selecting him for any job. By doing this the company will be able to get the expected results from that person.

— Slimane Zouggari