Business agility

Business agility is referred to the capability of a company or organization that it can sense any kind of changes externally or internally and after doing that the response in accordance so that they can deliver the best to the customers.

We cannot say that it is a general framework or it is some kind of methodology, but it is a description that how the organization is operating through representing the type of growth approach; we can say that it is similar to the agile approach as said by the members of the software development community.

How does it work

Business agility is used and is appropriate for all the organizations that are undergoing through any rapid and uncertainty changes. As the teams learn through collaborating, interacting and communicating with each other same as the agile development. Business agility helps them to adapt both process and product so that they will be able to work effectively on the same. Any practice within the organization for the betterment of the organization; that will make sure the organization will deliver the expected product to the customers.

In software development the contribution of business agility is that it provides it with the means with which the organization is positioned to get the understanding of all the benefits of the agile approach.

It also allows the company to respond to the changes without losing vision or momentum. Balance, flexibility and adaptability are the three essential qualities for the agility of long term business. It is clear that business agility has an imperative role in the success and prosperity of long term business.

If the company is capable of changing with the environment and market then we can say that it will gain long term success by adapting then changes and managing the competition in the market.

— Slimane Zouggari