Scrum of Scrums

Scrum of Scrums is a technique which is much appreciated when conducting studies or even when there is a large group and there is a need of hierarchy. The large group is divided into multiple groups and from those groups, members are selected by other members of the same team. These selected members are called ambassadors. The selected ambassadors further vote for their ambassador who overlooks the whole large group and manages it instead of a single person running a mismanaged chaotic place.

The idea of Scrum of Scrums is very much used in the Agile Software Management. The Idea is to divide large groups in the team of five to ten and make them choose a leader or an ambassador for themselves. This allows the teams to work efficiently in an agile manner and not hinder the progress. The ambassador is to collaborate with the ambassador of the other teams.

When an ambassador is not holding any meetings with other team’s ambassador, he can perform the daily meetings with his team by reporting the completion of a task. The idea of implementing this technique within the Agile Software Management is to create a hierarchy and for the group to perform the task faster and better. It is quite frustrating and time consuming for a single person to look after a whole group by himself. As compared to that, when the members of different team contact their ambassadors to check the performance and further the report to the Scrum of Scrums, the task are made easier. This way, a single person is not burdened.

In the Agile Software Management, instead of all members shifting their workload to a single task and creating chaos of mismanagement, they are divided into groups and assigned single tasks that the teams can work on and give the well-deserved attention to that task.

— Slimane Zouggari