Can TOGAF work with Agile?

Nowadays most people are thinking that can Agile and TOGAF work together or not. For getting to know the answer of this question, we should figure out what TOGAF actually is?

TOGAF, The Open Group Architecture Framework is a platform which is providing different services to enterprise architecture such as; it gives the method for designing, it leads an enterprise information, planning and implementation of new design.

Same as this the methods of software development and continued planning and learning is described by Agile.

Why is it challenging to integrate TOGAF with agile projects?

If we are talking about agile and TOGAF work with each other, they are totally opposite and they have a clear cultural difference.

It is very necessary to know that TOGAF is not followed by letter framework, it inspires the people who are doing practice it to adapt and change the application model according to the needs which must suit the circumstances. It clearly means that the perfect modified TOGAF fit in with agile development.

TOGAF is doing another important task that it captures what is happening in large organisations which is not related of whether it is completed as part of a frame work.


To take fair and clear decisions and do some agreement that how things are done, it is necessary to reduce the repetition, set architectural decisions and set your application portfolio.

In the agile processes some trails have done to make TOGAF but there are some hurdles to do that like architectural vision can be replaced with backlog management.

It is important for an architect to know that agile gives and take more interactive and helping approaches to explain the architecture. The architecture need to prepare that they ought to take some urgent decisions regarding their team work and they must take a complete view of their work which is done by their team.

As an agile team, the architecture need to work with proper strategies, planning, modern techniques and related data, that they bring all of that from wider organization.

— Slimane Zouggari