Takt time

Takt is basically a German word for the person in the orchestra whose work is to adjust and control to tempo on the music. So when we use Takt time then it means that we are talking about the rate time or beat time. We can say that when it is the time duration that is given to a product to complete so that we can meet the customer’s demands.

Let us take an example here, if a company is having a takt time of 10 minutes for the completion of the product then they will set the time to 10 minutes to produce the product in the machine. In this way the machine will produce the desired product every 10 minutes. If the takt time is one hour then we will set the time to one hour so that we should not exceed the deadline.

It is not actually the time in which a product is produced but it is the time that how we can meet the demand of the customer in the provided time.

Different Levels of Takt time

There are not many levels of takt time, the levels mean that how much you have to manage in how time. The means if you have multiple projects to work on then you will have to manage all of them simultaneously then you have to make different levels of takt time in order to manage them, then you can have a minute by minute report. You can clear all the distractions and disruptions coming all your way in the project.

It is the best tool you can use to manage your projects and it works effectively that you can create mantras for every minute you are working. Moreover, if any of the process is unable to get to work in takt time then you will have to level the demand, ask the engineering resources to take a look on the issue, and can check additional resources in order to get along with the takt time.

— Slimane Zouggari