Dunning – Kruger effect

We usually see that most of the people actually believe that they are better than the other people among them who fall into the average category. When we talk about this phenomenon in psychology then it comes out that this phenomenon is known as the illusory superiority. Now, one specific kind of this one is known as Dunning-Kruger effect in which people exaggerate their abilities. Which means that they think that they have more than they actually have.

Many people think that this is quite normal if somebody is overestimating his abilities, he might work better and more effectively this way, but actually this is not that normal because what people do is that when they come to know that they were doing it all wrong they do not change their behavior and attitudes.

People know little but they pretend to know more than they actually know, in this way little knowledge can affect the overall results. They are going through change management so they are thinking that they are experts when they are not.


We all have come across to somebody on the internet in some serious debate and the point he is raising is not logical and right but the person do not change his opinion even after some logical answers.

Moreover, when we are sitting in a family gathering and the point comes when family matters convert into some socio-economic-political debate. At this point we come to know that the people around us are political science teacher, economics expert, sociology experts; or they think they are something like that but not who they actually are.

Even when sitting with friends, we know more about democratic issues rather than our real issues as we talk more about the issues we don’t really have to talk about.

So, the dunning-Kruger effect is that when somebody thinks that he is skillful on whatever he is doing but he actually is not, and with that little knowledge he ruins everything.

— Slimane Zouggari