Buffer Fever Chart

Fever chart is known as a visual chart that is used to know project of any project on which you are working. We can say that it is one of the tools we use when we are working on different projects so it is a project management tool. Now why its name is Fever chart? Well, it is due to the fact that it has graphs and curves and the three colors are referred as the fever the project is getting with time.
You can use fever chart for daily management, AIC – short interval Management, and it will help you to detect any kind of drift in the project that can make the project late by giving you early warning.
How to draw Buffer Fever Chart
Well, in general it has two axes:
1. Vertical y: which will tell you the relative consumption of the project you are buffering
2. Horizontal x: that will allow you to check on the progress of your project
Moreover, there are three green zones green, orange and red zone.
It is not very much difficult to draw a Buffer Fever Chart when you are aware of all ups and downs of your project. You will have to place all the small details of your project while creating a buffer fever chart. Observation of multiplication and overestimation of safety margins in all the approaches by checking the x-axes.
When to use it?
It is clear that when you have a project to work on and you want all the information of the project on a simple, single board then you ought to use buffer Fever Chart. This fever chart will allow you to see the performance of all the projects and the ups and downs of these projects so that you can manage them with efficiency.

— Slimane Zouggari