Horizon Planning

Every company or organization makes strategy and do some planning for its future, this preparing called a Horizon Planning. Actually, it defines the volume of time which is suggested by organization for this plan. Every organization makes plan for different time periods, like some companies select five years Horizon planning but a general horizon planning usually is for one year.

It has a special importance in any organization’s future because with the help of this a company decides that what to do? When to do? And why?

To understand this, let us take an example here, if my vision is that I would like to help people to live healthier life, then I will try to do something for them. For their help suppose I start a water purification factory, then I make plan with the help of my co. We select a nearest area for the supply pure water and then we get the amount of water which will be enough for them in a day. We will set this plan for a year; this planning is called horizon planning.

Levels of Horizon planning:
There are different levels of horizon planning in project management, some are below;

Short range planning:
Most of the companies, make the plan for weeks and months, this is called short range planning. This weekly or monthly real-time management decide that what the company will do the next, in certain period of time for the local scale. It shows company plans to produce it products in a specific shapes, quantities and time.

Medium range planning:
For long time management and work, company makes medium range planning for the regional platforms. It is make for months and a year. This plan is documented, well form and agreed by all parties. The company make it sure that all products produce on market demand and supply on the time.

Long Term planning:
This planning covers long time periods, most of the companies make that long-range agile planning for five years and set plans for future improvements. This planning is made for the highest supply based on long term agreements and for national and international platforms.

— Slimane Zouggari