Colour of organization

We are living in a time, where the organizations are reinventing themselves. This is where the organizations are inspired to design themselves according to human consciousness. This will create a major impact on the agile working environment that you are currently sitting in as well. The color coded typology will define how the different organizations would evolve within the next century. On the other hand, it is also possible to use the colour of organizations as the base and determine their future characteristics and attributes.

  • Red – This is referring to the very first form of organization life, which originated over 10,000 years ago. These organizations are highly focused and highly reactive in short term. Street gangs, Mafia and tribal groups are perfect examples for such organizations.
  • Amber – Organizational life changed significantly along with agricultural revolution. This was led by the settled farmers. They were able to give life to organized religions, social institutions, and political states as well. People who belong to these organizations are associated with powerful personalities. They are commanding to almost all the aspects of social activity as well.
  • Orange – Organize organizational life started along with industrial revolution. They are having a hierarchical pyramid as the basic structure. On the other hand, the followers are provided with additional autonomy as well. This is supporting them to go ahead and accomplish the management directives in an effective manner as well.
  • Green – Along with the increased knowledge of the workers, green organizational life was created. This was created during the second half of 20th This organizational life is all about building consensus and gathering inputs from all the different factors available around us. This would eventually result in stronger human cultures in the long run.

— Slimane Zouggari