Ruthless Prioritization

While working in an agile environment, you will need to focus more on prioritization. In other words, you should get the prioritization from the business owner on items that are available in the backlog and start developing the product. In here, you will usually give priority to creating the things that are in a position to deliver the most customer value in the first place

Ruthless Prioritization can be used to build an appropriate framework for prioritization. This is where you will figure out that you will be able to break down prioritization into two different scopes. The very first scope would be prioritization in between projects. This is where you will determine what project the agile software development team should do next. Then you will have to work on prioritization within the project. In other words, it is all about determining what user story should be taken into the next sprint, so that your development team can work on.

No matter how you are engaged with prioritization, it is important to have a ruthless mindset. This is where you will have to keep on making the same decision again and again. The time you spend on it will be worthy because you will be able to easily overcome the chaotic nature associated with product development. On the other hand, the ruthless mindset you have will be able to help you with making quick decisions whenever they are needed. This will also contribute a lot towards the success of the development projects at the end of the day.

Prioritization is important because it will ensue that you and the product owner are getting the maximum investment out of the product that is being developed. It will help you to reach the goals within the fastest time as well.

— Slimane Zouggari