DX, which is also known as Developer eXperience would refer to the overall experience that developers can get when they work with their developments. In an agile development environment, developers would be using various software designed for them. For example, they will be using an appropriate software to work on a complex piece of code. When the software is too complicated, developers will not be able to get the maximum out of it. This would ruin the experience of developers. That’s the main reason on why a concept such as DX was introduced.

Developers who are provided with a better developer experience will be able to remain happy and proceed with their developments. On the other hand, it can promote a positive work culture. It is even possible to get the developers to work longer with satisfaction when they are offered with a better developer experience. Hence, it is important to ensure DX at all times within an agile development environment.

People who work along with technology would get used to obtaining recommendations for the delivery of new solutions from friends, colleagues, and the peers. On the other hand, it would be possible for them to get the products to the top of the list with good DX.

There are some important pillars that are backing up excellent DX. They include stability, ease of use, and clarity. Based on these pillars, developer experience would provide a role to the developers, which will help them to offer an activity. A good interface, miracle promises, marketing, and other related things will not be able to hide improper or bad functionality. If the software is not working and it is not delivering any value, it will fail to deliver DX. While keeping these facts in mind, it is essential to ensure DX at all times.

— Slimane Zouggari