Presentation Karaoke

Presentation karaoke is the situation where a presenter is provided the task of delivering a presentation based on a set of slides that he has not seen before. This would help a presentation to quickly adopt and deliver a presentation based on a set of random slides that he is seeing for the very first time. There are numerous applications associated with Presentation Karaoke. For example, it is used as an exercise by the conference speakers, so that they will be able to master the presentation. It is even possible to use this principle within an agile environment, which is highly dynamic.

During Presentation Karaoke, each and every speaker would speak according to the theme of the presentation. It is possible for them to have fun while going through the presentation as well. These speakers are behaving similar to the high performing agile teams. That’s because they will have to roll along with the punches.

The high performance agile teams ensure that there is ap roper plan, theme, and a backlog in place. They will have to adhere to that and work on their agile developments. However, the requirements on the backlog can sometimes change. This is where the developers would come across the need to adopt then and there. It is never a good idea to be panic when the requirement change. Instead, it is important to understand how to get things to work. That’s because it is practically not possible to go ahead with the flow when you are in a panic.

During Presentation Karaoke, some speakers will make connections in between the slides. Likewise, the developers in an agile environment will also be able to make connections in between the backlog items. No matter what, it would help the developers to quickly adopt and deliver the backlog items at the end of the day.

— Slimane Zouggari