Essential SAFe

Essential SAFe is the minimal set of events, roles and artifacts that are needed to deliver business solutions through an Agile Release Train continuously to the Agile Teams. Due to the same reason, you can think about calling ART, or Agile Release Train as the heart of Essential SAFe as well. In here ART acts as the virtual company formed to increase functional boundaries while removing the unwanted steps when implementing SAFe principles and practices within a company.

You will have to deal with lots of bottlenecks when implementing SAFe lean agile practices and principles within a company. You can overcome them with ART. In the meantime, ART will be able to help you to enhance the functional boundaries as well.

Essential SAFe is a large solution. In fact, it can be implemented wider across an organization in a more convenient manner. Along with that, the time taken to get the entire company to function according to lean agile practices can be reduced. This is the main difference that you can see in Essential SAFe when compared to other configurations of SAFe.

Essential SAFe focuses more on fixing people because the processes will often be able to deliver similar behaviors within the people team. Along with that, it is possible to enhance the agility of the company as well.

In order to introduce agility to a company, managers will come across the need to overcome some cultural barriers of the team members. Overcoming these barriers will become an easy thing to do with the support and assistance offered by Essential SAFe at the end of the day.

— Slimane Zouggari