Genius Project

Every business or company requires a collaborative software in its project management needs. One of the great companies to mention is the Genius Project that has served many users and clients over the years and still counting.


The Genius Project was started in 1997. It provides a platform-independent SaaS and On-Premise Project and portfolio of project management software. It has offices in North America and has a huge number of global network of resellers. This project has global users of up to 93, 000 and 1,050 consumers worldwide. For the past 15 years of project management service, it was recognized by IBM and gained numerous awards.

What it does?

The Genius Project sets a flexible and useful function of project management. It gives durable, scalable and reliable solutions in terms of project management software and devising projects for the company and business. With Genius Project, you will not have difficulties in terms of securing the projects of teams and the things to be considered so that the business would have effective solutions.

This agile software is used also to secure data in business and company transactions. Every business project requires a secure way of handling information and Genius Project does the best it can in securing company files, documents and projects. With this, a company or business can adopt to different transactions most of the time. Thus, a successful business project transaction is given at all times.

For whom it is Useful

The Genius Project is useful for project software managers and planners. Aside from these, the owners of a company can use the insight this provides in running the business or any company project it has.


  • Incorporate the workflow engine in order to adapt to process of securing data.
  • You can use industry templates in creating daily reports
  • Watch your team to work together with the collaborative approach given.
  • Capture repetitive tasks and standard process of instruction
  • Use scalable tools in meeting company growth and performance


  • This is only focused in project management software and does not handle the other related processes that a company needs such setting the structure and database of a business
  • It has limitations on the implementation of projects and tools of the company
  • It centers on collaborative approach and does not deal with single task measures that a company also needs for it transactions.


The collaborative software has can be purchased in three plans namely:


It costs $19.95 a month per user who pays it annually.


The cost is $24.95 per month.


It has a price of $34.95 per month.


There are a great number of competitors of Genius Project. Other agile software companies include, Power Steering, Microsoft Project, Work groups Da Vinci and many more.

The Genius Project has made big difference when it comes to project management of a company. If you are looking for the right software, this one of the best that you can find. Here, you are assured of success for your company and your business all the time.

— Slimane Zouggari