Huddle –Unlocking Cloud Power As the Ultimate Solution for Collaborative Works

With collaboration, the productivity is higher. As time passed by, collaborative works is not just defined as working with the people within your organization. Now, you need to collaborate with a network of clients and external partners while allowing it to grow. Huddle is the agile software made out of the ambition to help people make working together a better one. They are doing through the power of the clouds making it ideal for the scrum framework.

Huddle is offering a secure cloud collaboration for both enterprise and government agencies. Be it with coworkers or the clients, collaboration is made simpler, safer and more secure through Huddle. All of your team communication, files and task are managed in just one place – the clouds.

What It does And Who Uses It?

It offers a user-friendly and flexible design that will get you running fast in the industry. It can create, control and mange work for you. With this agile software,   it will be easy to let everyone in the team synchronized with the latest version of their project. Through this app, you can see who dad last accessed a certain document making it easy for you to track your collaborative work’s progress.  You can make it work how you want it to. It has a mobile and desktop version, which provides you the freedom to choose your medium for it. Huddle can also work seamlessly with your existing project tool. Moreover, it is easy to customize this one.

Huddle is not just helpful to the ream you are working with and everyone in the organization. It also helps the clients and external partners to get up-to-date news on how the project is going. This makes collaborating easier and quicker for them. Gone are the days where they will need to deal with endless stream of emails to grasp what is happening.

The Good

With Huddle as your agile software for project management, you will be in for many benefits such as:

  • Money Back guarantee
  • Ease with storing and managing files
  • Workspaces control access
  • Feel and look customization
  • Custom task fields add

The Downside

Like everything around us, Huddle also have its share of downsides you should know about:

  • Relatively expensive
  • No Gant Chart
  • No report generation
  • Tracking time is not possible through its resources


You have three options to choose from for this agile software to make your collaborative work easier:

  1. WorkGroup

For this plan, the price starts with $20 per user every month. It accepts up to 25 users and up to 20 projects.

  1. Enterprise

Price starts with $40 per user in a month. You can create 250 projects here with 100 users.

  1. Unlimited

Price here varies. Everything here is unlimited, which is ideal if you want to manage a project using scrum framework.


Many products are similar with huddle.  If you are looking for alternative agile software, you might to consider:

  • Attask
  • 5PM
  • Basecamp
  • DAptive PPM
  • Celoxis
  • Easy projects
  • Desk Away
  • GlassCubes

Huddle will be the perfect software for your scrum project setup. If you want the solution of letting your collaborative works be done in just one location, this is the agile software for you. Allow yourself to discover how unlocking the cloud power is the solution you need.

 — Slimane Zouggari