Every company or business requires a good and effective tool in order to make the company successful. With the use of this tool, business and company management and planning could be done in an easy way. The success of the company lies with the greatness of Podio.


For several years Podio served clients who large and small businesses in different parts of the globe. As part of Citrix, it has developed a large communication for clients and company owners. Today Podio has a 99. 99 % rate of service to all its major clients.

What it does?

Podio is an agile software that makes use of the effective planning procedures of a company. These concern the updating of tasks, sharing information and project planning procedures. With the effectiveness of this tool, you have the big edge in having an efficient communication with the entire workforce, taking time in making updates and organizing planning methods. Thus, Podio makes your business grow and become successful.

You have the chance in sharing information, communicating with employees and making effective transactions if you will use Podio as a software tool. This would also provide an assurance of strategic planning, management and organizing procedures of the business.

For whom it is Useful

The collaborative software is useful to management leaders, planners and company owners.


  • You will have a collaborative way in communicating with your team by sending them in a single part of the office.
  • You will have the capacity to have a real time collaboration using mobile devices with your team or any company of business staff.
  • Collaborate with many clients and co-workers using the social media technology as a tool.
  • There is a free employee network for any employee
  • Each of the Podio users will have a great time due to the low costs it provides. Aside from this, you could also share tasks and communicate with them in an easy way


  • A company or business who has no sufficient resource will have a difficult time in using Podio.
  • This is mainly used in joint ways so there is no chance to strengthen  the individual skills of the employees will not be developed
  • Some of the features of Podio would not match the requirements of other companies.


This agile software could be purchased with the following plans:

Podio Lite 

This comes with a free package and suited for the use of 5 teams and smaller groups.

Podio Teams

The price of this could is down to $9 per month and a 20% price for group employees.

Podio Business

This can be availed by larger teams in an unlimited price. The standard cost will depend on the number of times the plan is used.


When it comes to collaborative software companies, Podio has competitors namely:

  • Trello
  • Team Work
  • JIRA
  • Base Camp
  • Zoho Wiki

The use of Podio in the work place provides a secure way of sharing information, files and documents. With this, you can be assured of a great and effective result for your company as a whole. Hence, partnerships and success are attained.

— Slimane Zouggari