Imagine you are in place with project managers, graphic designers and other experts on software development are gathered. You might think is an important meeting or an event. Well, it’s called a hackathon. Do you want to know what is it? Read on and have interesting information about it.

What is it?

Also known as hack day, or code fest, Hackathon is a sprint event wherein the computer programmers such as the interface designers gather or meet up to do a collaborative work on software projects. At some cases, Hackathons are made for social purposes or educational reasons. But the real purpose of the event is the creation of usable software.

When to use it?

The event is required if you want to build an app, hardware hack or building a site. At this point, the process of developing the software would take for 24 to 48 hours. The, then, the teams who are present in the event are required to present the demo of the things they have built. Here, they would eventually compete for the prizes.

When not to use it?

The event couldn’t be used if there are no ideas that could be turned into a new project. It is required that ideas would be built up so that new technologies would be produced. Furthermore, if you could not take the lack of sleep and the poor eating habits, programmers and designers are not advised to use it.

Concrete Examples

Since this event is famous and large attendees exist, there are notable examples of is the hack that is GroupMe. This is a kind of messaging app that is acquired by Skype for about $50 million. Other examples would be the “Like” button on Facebook and the Facebook Chat.  These worked showed during the internal company events.


As different programmers and designer are present in the event, the event is composed of different variants that yield in the successful creation of new technology. The variants are classified as web development, mobile apps, operating systems, development of video games and more.

Each of these variants results to a new technology that would be helpful to many people and businesses. Hence, there is a sure way of having the technological advances the world needs. This is due to the expertise of the agile experts.


Since Hackathons is an addicting event, the lack of sleep is criticized due to the result of codes that are poorly written. The concept of creating new technology is great by the lack of eating habits and sleep affects the health of programmers, causing them to be less agile.

However, despite the criticisms being thrown at the event, the demo and other results of the experts give birth to the new technology that would be proven essential to the world at all times.It might be addicting and as others say – tiring, still, this gathering is one of the most awaited events the world is able to witness as it gives lots of fascinating advantage for the people and the businesses they are running.

— Slimane Zouggari