Honne & Tatemae

Well, if we are talking about Honne & Tatemae then we are clearly talking about the Japanese culture and they say that these words describe the difference between the desires and true feelings of a person, the opinions and behaviour shown by that person in the community.


Now, if we see that the true feelings and the behaviour shown in public have a clear difference in accordance with the circumstances and position of that person in personal or public. He usually tries to keep the true feelings hidden and shows then only to the people who are close to him, this is called as Honne.


Now, Tatemae is something that the society expects from the person to behave in public or with the random people. Most of the people hide the true feelings and desires (Honne) and some of people show them in public as well.

People tend to lie in front of random people because they do not want to expose their real self in front of public.

Honne & Tatemae is having a chief importance in Japanese culture and according to some analysis it is considered as a cultural necessity. They think that it is of importance in order to avoid the conflicts that can occur in everyday life.

They say that the person is having two faces and they call it outside face and inside face of the person and these two faces are the main reason for the conflicts to occur.

Other people view this perspective that the person is hypocrite but the Japanese people say that this is not a negative thing and they consider it normal. They say that this is the social etiquettes of a person that he shoes them in personal life and public life.

In agile development and change management people are not able to freely express their feelings to the bosses. All the information they have is not shared by the person due to some insecurities that his idea may get rejected or he may not hurt the feelings of others.

— Slimane Zouggari