What is Ringi

Ringi is a Japanese management style which is used throughout the country. Some of the people who use Agile Software Management (IT) have started to adopt this method of managing as well. Ringi is a very immersive method of management since it basically starts at the bottom levels of a company.

Essentially a Ringi is a sheet of paper which consists of a question which needs to be answered along with it comes all the data the person could find when they initially framed the question. This paper then is passed up the chain of command and signed by all the higher ups until it reaches the top.

This method is a great tool for management since it allows all the people in the chain of command to read the question then understand it and add their points and then approve it. This method makes sure that everyone in the company from the lowest ranked employee to the head of the company reads the issue and agrees with it.

Ringi has been making waves in management styles since it is one of the very few methods that actually makes sure that every segment of the company or organization gets to read the Ringi.

Of course, writing a Ringi is no easy task making it is an art and the person who frames it initially must frame the question in the right words and then condense all the data into one single large page. In America companies who have adapted this method into their management techniques make new employees take lessons so as to frame the perfect Ringi so that the higher ups don’t have any problems reading and understanding it. At its essence, the Ringi incorporates three important features Reporting, Informing and Collaboration which allows a company to thrive.

— Slimane Zouggari