Impact mapping

Impact mapping is a strategic planning methodology that you can find in agile software development. This agile method has the ability to help the software development teams to refrain from getting lost, while they are engaged in the process of developing products and delivering them. This will be don through clear communication of the assumptions. On the other hand, the support offered to the team in aligning the activities will also contribute a lot towards the successful results that you can secure out of impact mapping.

One of the key principles that you can find in impact mapping is that it has the ability to visualize assumptions. This is helping the teams to come up with the best decisions at the end of the day. This can be useful when the team is working hard to achieve objectives in a rapidly changing environment.

The impact mapping method is facilitating a high level of interaction and collaboration within the team members. Since this method is less bureaucratic, it is easy to apply when compared to the alternative strategies. On the other hand, it would ensure active participation of people who are coming from different backgrounds as well. When experts in different domains collaborate with each other, it would help the entire team to get the deliveries done in a timely manner.

In the long run, this agile method is helpful when helping agile teams to reduce waste. That’s because the teams will be able to prevent over-engineered solutions and scope creep. It will put the deliverables in the forefront and help the teams to proceed with achieving them in an effective manner. This will also ensure that the expected business outcomes are achieved at the end of the day as well. Due to all these reasons, all the agile teams should focus more on impact mapping.

— Slimane Zouggari