Co-active leadership

One-dimensional, top down leadership is not the most effective leadership model that exists out there in the world as of now. It is outdated and doesn’t have the ability to deliver the best results to an agile team. Sticking to such a leadership style in an agile environment would result in the waste of leadership capabilities. That’s why it is important to take a look at the co-active leadership style and focus more on it.

The co-active leadership style is all about deep collaborations. Co-active leadership is associated with five different roles. In here, the leaders will need to switch from one dimension to another based on the work that they have to do within the team.

The first dimension is co-active leader within. Leadership starts from here. This is where a leader will be able to understand who he is and what his values are. Then it is possible to align leading the agile team according to those values.

The second dimension is co-active leadership in front. This would ensure the creation of effective connections with people who are following them. Along with that, it is possible to stand firmly on the decisions and ensure a clear purpose and direction.

Co-active leader behind is the third dimension, where the leader will focus on the support needed by the team. The leader will ensure enthusiastic and openhearted participation in the team to ensure best results.

The fourth dimension of leadership is all about ensuring co-active leadership beside. It is where the leader will take responsibility and create appropriate partnerships to support the strengths of each other. This will ensure powerful synergy.

The final dimension is co-active leader in the field, where the leader is connecting with the energetic field, which is surrounding all the life. It will help the leader to discover insights beyond rational mindset.

— Slimane Zouggari