Mob programming

If you are working for an agile software development team, you will need to have a strong understanding about the concept called mob programming. This software development approach will ensure that the complete agile development team is focusing on the same thing, at the same time, while using the same computer.

The concept of mob programming is pretty much similar to pair programing, where two individuals work on the same computer to proceed with programming while ensuring collaboration. Pair programming is taken to the next level in mob programming, where the collaboration is extended to all the members of the team.

During mob programming, the entire team will not work on coding. Instead, the team will work on other non-coding work with related to the agile software development process as well. For example, the team will be able to define stories, design interfaces, deploy software and test. It is even possible for the entire team to engage along with the customers during mob programming.

There are numerous reasons available for a software development team to focus on mob programming as well. The main reason out of them is because mob programming would promote collaboration. In other words, all the team members will be able to provide their inputs and ensure the final outcomes. On the other hand, it is possible for them to collaborate with each other and figure out the best solutions available to come up with a specific problem that they are facing. On the other hand, the personal preference and physical comfort associated with mob programming can help the team members to overcome the gaps and work collaboratively for an extended period of time. This will eventually enhance the success of a software development project.

— Slimane Zouggari