LS – Min Specs

What is meant by it?

Instead of forming a group of additional rules to achieve a goal and wasting your energy on them, there should just be a short list of min specs that can help you in getting success in your challenge. These min specs may include the things that you must or must not do while trying to work on a project.

How is it done?

There should be groups of 4-7 people sitting around small tables. Every person in each group will get the chance to participate equally. Firstly, each group shall produce a list of all the things they must and must not do within 6 minutes. This list will be called max specs. Then, each group will test the specs, and if the purpose is achieved without that spec, then it will be taken off the list. The shortlisted specs will be compared from each group, and an even shorter list than before will be formed which will the min specs.

What is its purpose?

Min specs will help you in focusing on your energies where it should be, and by having a simple strategy, you will be able to progress quickly.

What are its Tips and Traps?

Try to focus on a challenge that is possible to be achieved. First of all, start with the list of the things you should do. If extra rounds are needed, then do as many rounds as required. If any group is having trouble, try to make them remember the purpose of the challenge and what is necessary to get it done.

Examples – Where can it be used?

Min specs are a useful and agile way for project management that can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Senators can use it for identifying the dos and not dos for the stakeholders.
  • They can be used for completing an
  • It can be used for the progress of any business.

— Slimane Zouggari