Management 3.0

When Agile software management (IT) took off, it was a success why? Because it grouped individual thinkers into teams. These teams learned as they worked and evolved according to the needs of the customers. Agile systems became famous and was taken on by many organizations.

Management 3.0 is a workshop under the umbrella term of Agile which helps individuals to understand what leadership is and how to manage a proper cohesive team under this specific software management. It is based on principles and ideas so that the working man can get a fair transparent salary and actually be proud of what they are doing.

How does it work

Essentially Management 3.0 makes workers happy makes them care about the work they are doing and when they feel a sense of pride in their work they will want to better it and perfect there work in turn they will make the customer happy. Management 3.0 is a workshop where it teaches individuals to be happy about their job to benefit the customer. This work shop not only teaches the workers how to be better at their jobs but also makes the leader a better boss. When a leader becomes efficient at their job they will have all the time in the world to have fun since the people working for the leader will know how to act efficiently without the constant input from the boss. The Management 3.0 workshop instils in a leader a sense of management and how they can delegate tasks to make everyone’s lives easier. It is a method to make the leader or the boss motivate the team so that they can perform at optimum capacity. This creates an atmosphere were competence is valued and the ultimate performing team can learn as they work which will bring success instead of failure.

— Slimane Zouggari