The new new product development game

Those who are working in agile community they have had come across this new new product development game a lot of times. This white paper was published in 1986 and it is still valid and it does helps the businesses. Having a look, we see that there are six key principles of this paper which are connected to each other.

When we see the traditional approach while developing a product then it will move like a relay- race as the baton is passed from group to group. Now, when we see the new new product development game then it will be like rugby, where the team is having the ball and they pass it to each other and take it to the desired place. The most used framework scrum is also inspired by it.

Six key Principles

Let us take a look on the key principles of new new product development game:

  1. People are quite possessive about the business or work plan in the traditional approach, and they control and monitor day to day activities for others. But, this new new product development approach themselves. While talking about scrum, the race is an agreement between the development team and management. Product owner and the others will decide how to work and where the flexibility is needed.
  2. Project teams which are self-organizing if exhibit these three conditions will be ideal. The conditions are autonomy, self-transcendence and cross fertilization.
  3. Overlapping the development phases, that will enable the team to absorb the noise or vibration generated throughout the development process.
  4. Multi-learning, now this is said that it is a two-dimensional learning i.e. 1) Multi-learning across multiple functions. 2) across multiple levels. Are we clear with the vision? Is the right product selected or being built? In scrum there is a learning opportunity as the team working on the product interacts with each other and learn from the market trends.
  5. If we say that a person has both “control through peer pressure” and “self-control” then we can say that he is having subtle control. The sprint goal should be inspected by the development team so that they can adapt the sprint backlog in accordance.
  6. The transfer of learning should be done on organizational level, spring and scrum should make it sure that the team members share knowledge with each other.

— Slimane Zouggari