When everyone hears about Mavenlink, everyone gets so excited to use this incredible agile software in their company. Many have already learned that Mavenlink can surprisingly help them save time, effort and money whenever they need a collaborative software. Aside from knowing that Mavenlink is considered as the world’s first ever project-delivery cloud with a SaaS project-delivery system, which will let you improve all your business outcomes and efficiently scale and manage your projects, people and profits, you also need to get familiar with the history of Mavenlink.

With just a simple hint of idea, Mavenlink have started. Due to difficulty in operating service businesses, the absence of right technology and changing people’s way of working together, the birth of Mavenlink became possible. With today’s need for a reliable agile software, Mavenlink greatly provides various companies an advantage in managing their project-based relationships lifecycle such as resource management, team and project management, time and expenses, online payments and invoicing, financial reporting and collaborative messaging and conversations. So, if you have decided to choose Mavenlink to provide you a dependable agile software, what else you can expect from them and what are the pros and cons you will encounter?


  • Time tracking integration. By using Mavenlink’ agile software, you need a third party pool. You may now organize or manage your entire projects timely as well as and plan and assign tasks efficiently as compared to your previous project operations. Because of its smart cross-platform with collaborative features, it will be easier for you to post, share and receive the updates of your projects immediately and be on the same page as all your other team members.
  • Advanced searching. Another valuable advantage of this profound agile software is that it will surprisingly let you have an advanced searching. After you have imported the data in it, you may now store it in a centralized and accessible database. Here, you will able to quickly locate all you needed files or messages without digging into all your emails.
  • Flexible Price. Businesses from different scales or industries can have the best agile software as Mavenlink have no recurrent costs in a way that all the collaborative functions are already bundled in an initial package price.
  • User-friendly. With Mavenlink having user-friendly features, it will be easier for you to introduce its agile software to your staff. Here, all your necessary information are kept in a single place, making the sharing of information much easier. Another thing, it has an excellent customer and support service where you can expect that they will listen to your feedbacks for the improvement of its functionality.


  • The timer will not allow you to switch between the tasks quickly and easily.
  • You cannot easily export a Gantt or project plan in a nicer view.
  • It needs more filter options.
  • Too much features wherein some are useless.

Who uses Mavenlink and what about its pricing?

The great thing is, small businesses, mid-sized businesses and large enterprises can take advantage of the Mavenlink collaborative software. Business can choose from different plans. In fact, they can start using it for as low as. $19 per month. They can also use the free trials or choose from the premium and subscription pricing model. On the other hand, iMeet Central, Wrike, Asana, PlushForums, Autodesk PLM 360 are some of the popular competitors of Mavenlink.

— Slimane Zouggari