Clarizen is a collaborative software that has been created in order to provide agile teams of companies with easy to use tools that would help them prioritize their tasks, manage issues that arises and achieve their desired results. With the fact that it is available in the cloud, reduced cost and increased efficiency can be expected. This is the reason why there has been an increase in the number of Clarizen users in the world.

What does it do?

Clarizen is an agile software that aims to help project managers complete all of the tasks that they have on time and while ensuring that they will not exceed their allotted budget for it. Through it, a company can start with a certain project that they have in mind even though they haven’t completed the plan for it. With its help, a project or task would be able to have its own flexible baseline that is also capable of responding to anomalies real time. Thus, one would surely be able to save a lot of time while utilizing it and they would also be able to boost their productivity at the same time.


  • Effortless Collaboration. Everything that is related to a project or a task can be stored in this collaborative software and this only means that everyone who is involved in the project or task would be able to have an access to it with ease. It would also be right to say that it offers visibility to all of the organizational levels. Hence, the employees would be able to work more efficiently in order to provide the results that are expected from them.
  • Ease of navigation. One great thing about Clarizen is that it has a neat and clean interface, In fact, it is even possible for you to see all the modules I just a single navigation bar. Not only that, you can also add note and select between the different views and project templates that it has. With its ease of navigation, for sure, you would not have a hard time using it.


  • Requires a lot of time. If this is your first time using an agile software or a software that has something to do with scrum, then it might take you a while to master how to use it, especially if you consider yourself a non-tech savvy.
  • It is still lacking. There are still some room for improvement when it comes to it being used for collaborative purposes. In fact, there may be some features such as reporting tools that this software doesn’t have that others have. Nevertheless, the creators of the software sees to it that updates are available.


There are different Clarizen plans available for purchase. The enterprise edition is available for $60 while the unlimited edition is offered for $80. On the other hand, there are also 4 Clarizen License Types including the full, team member, time & expense and social license. There is also a 30 free trial for the agile software. For more accurate pricing, you can also use the cost calculator that is available from their website.

— Slimane Zouggari