Asana serves as a mobile and web application that is designed to support any teams to effectively track all their projects and works. In 2008, it was founded by Dusting Moskovitz (Facebook co-founder) and Justin Rosenstein (former engineer). They worked on enhancing the level of performance of various employees at the social networking site.

Officially, the agile software was launched in November 2011. With the magnificent services of the company, its people announced that they had acquired $1.2 million from various investors in the same year. Because of its incredible performance, it has even worked on a number of high-profile clients such as Pinterest, Airbnb, Uber, Samsung and many more. Once you make it as your top option, you will definitely have a peace of mind because it has a reliable reputation.

Benefits of Using Asana

  • Determine your customers’ issues – By using the agile software, you will be able to experience many benefits such as tracking customer service issues and marketing. Although you have not easily identified your client’s needs and problems, Asana has the ideal solutions that can help address the dilemmas. With that, you can enhance your customer service that can increase your advantage to gain more potential and prospective customers at a more reasonable cost.


  • Easy to use – Aside from identifying your customer service predicaments, you will never encounter a burden when you use it. You and your entire team can immediately learn on how to employ it properly. It can really make your business more collaborative that can fully amaze you. It also has several messaging apps in which you can have your best option. Thus, sending messages to other team members will be as easy as pie.


  • Enhance General Management – In Asana, you will easily manage multiple tasks and project. When you assign any task to your whole team via email, you have to make yourself prepared enough to handle potential issues. When you do not address them at once, you can experience incoherent record of past communications and difficult task progress tracking. With the use of Asana, you can avoid those dilemmas efficiently. So, general management is enhanced.

Disadvantages of Using Asana

Even though the agile software can make numerous advantages highly possible, it has disadvantages that you should know. It has various apps that have comparable feature sets. When you are looking for a tool that has different apps, the application is not the perfect choice for you. Nevertheless, you are very fortunate because there are outstanding devices that you can take advantage of. With an ample amount of time and patience, you will choose one of the best providers in the industry.

To sum it up, the web or mobile application is a great help when you want to make a lot of incredible changes in your business. Whether you want to successfully manage your whole team or make them collaborative, it is the one of the best ways to make your objectives achievable. Be one of their complacent clients and see how it can give you the same experience.

— Slimane Zouggari