For more than 15 years in this industry, Youtrack undoubtedly provided JetBrains’ clients with the most effective and strongest developer tools including agile software where you can discover, grow and create better results for your projects. They are best known as a commercial-based bug tracker, project management software and issue tracker perfectly developed by JetBrains. Its main focus is to search a query-based issue by manipulating issues by batch, auto-completion, creating a custom workflow and customizing a set of issue attributes. Moreover, for the past 15 years of experience of JetBrains, they have already received various awards, making Youtrack one of the trusted agile software for your issue tracker requirements. So, what other things you can expect from YouTrack?

  • Smart search function. Youtrack will enable you to find the information you need quickly through its auto completion. It can provide you short cuts in order to significantly help you in accelerating the mundane process and efficiently improve your output. Another thing, it can allow you to closely monitor each of your projects as well as the team’s action through the personal live dashboard.
  • Time efficient tracking capabilities. With the use of the YouTrack agile software, you will be able to get significant insights and you can also track your progress in each of your projects by the means of a powerful issue tracker tool which allows you to make better decisions for your business or even implement your business strategies effectively. Youtrack will help in managing and allocating time through its efficient time tracking capabilities.
  • Flexible workflow. This issue tracker tool will allow you to process your own customizable workflow where you can get an IDE together with a DSL for you to define the workflows with code in a precise and flexible manner. Also, it will allow you to describe the path where the issues have to go, automate the next steps or even set a schedule for automated actions or notifications. So here, most issues in the field are customizable and the issue tracker can even speak your language of choice.


  • Works very fast
  • Flexible agile boards
  • Flexible search bar
  • Provides comfortable navigation for task overview
  • Allows the creation of adjustable program custom login and custom field for successful custom workflows
  • Supports a wide range of processes for the customization of fields
  • Strong agile support for burndown charts, backlog and board with a huge capacity of reports
  • Provides easy search for issues and it gets you all the unresolved issues that were assigned to you.
  • Quite useful dynamic models


  • Not automated time reports and timetracking – the time reports as well as general reports are not quite flexible and there is no pause/play timer.
  • Unimplemented project overview – you cannot obtain any data for a certain project except the name.

Who uses YouTrack?

Through Youtrack, team leaders and managers will be able to provide a feedback and an input to their members by just tagging, adding attributes, highlighting codes and attaching screenshots. Also, it enables the testers and developers to sort, filter and save their previous queries.

The monthly or yearly subscription for the YouTrack is $20 per month or $200 per year for every 15 users. On the other hand, BugClipper, SpatialKey, Codeship, AB Tasty, Central, ADAudit Plus, Leankit, SISA Assitant are the popular competitors of Youtrack which also offers an issue tracker.

 — Slimane Zouggari