In 2006, Wrike was found by Andrew Filev. The agile software has released the Wrike product beta version in December 2006. Initially, it was integrated with emails that enabled users to track schedules, tasks and deadlines. The company has also released a professional and full version of the software in June 2007. It has provided a unique email integration and predefined workflow groups.

With the spectacular reviews from their clients, many innovations have continued. Wrike added customization options and new workflow tools to its system in 2014. Because of a number of great changes, they have secured $15 million in May 2015. They were given the chance to have investors including DCM Ventures, Bain Capital and Scale Venture Partners. At present, the company has 200 employees and 8,000 customers.

The agile software is useful for:

  1. Marketing Teams – In every task that your collaborative team works on, all of you can get real-time visibility. You can create reports that will track the performance and project. There are workload reports that shows a bandwith for your next project. There are also interactive timelines that keep your entire team on a similar page.
  2. Creative Teams – The Company knows that all creative teams spend more time in projects, deadlines and tasks that greatly affect the activity they are passionate to do. When you have the same situation, reclaim your creative and imaginative time by using Wrike.
  3. Project Management Teams – When you belong to a collaborative project management team, Wrike could be a big help on your part. It is an agile software that can help you set priorities and make your whole team work wiser and smarter. With Wrike, you can have a faster business that can become more collaborative at all times.


  • Collaboration is available in individual tasks – As a business owner, you have to try your best to attain business efficiency and employee productivity. By using Wrike, you can achieve collaboration in your entire company easily.
  • Scalable and affordable price structure – Wrike offers many features but the thing that makes it great is its affordability. There is a professional package that costs $49 every month. Through that, you can operate a business with unlimited collaborators and success as well.


  • No customization feature – The agile software does not have a feature that will allow you to change its layout and appeal. However, you can change its color that can result to a branding success.
  • Unavailable PC client – Wrike does not provide a PC client because it is just a web-based solution. Synchronizing and working with your needed data offline will not be easy. So, you have to work online at all times. When you want more flexibility, you can use some of its competitors like SaaS solutions.

Indeed, Wrike is one of the useful applications you can ever have when you belong to marketing, creative and project management teams. Take advantage of the software now before you make a decision that you will regret. Aside from collaboration, you can achieve business efficiency and awesome success.

 — Slimane Zouggari