Fog Creek Software started to develop Trello in the midst of summer 2010 and in September 2011, it was finally launched at the TechCrunch Disrupt, providing various apps for iPhone and for the web. By May 2015, Trello officially goes international and has provided a localized experience for Spain, Brazil and Germany. Today, Trello is considered to be one of the leading agile software for project management applications. Another thing, it ranked no. 1 in the project management apps category which garnered a score of 9.8 held by Wrike and also amazingly won the Best Project Management Software Award for 2015.

Trello as a collaborative software, it allows you to discuss projects in a real time manner and it can keep you well-informed about it through task assignments, email notification and activity log. Plus, you can easily add new members in a board where you are free to vote for ideas that are contained in the cards. Aside from the mentioned functions of Trello as a reliable agile software, here some of its interesting features which will help you have a successful project management.

  • Immediate collaboration. Here, you can be provided with the latest development of your projects and the changes can appear immediately onscreen. Therefore, this agile software is quite collaborative on your chosen features.
  • Versatile use. This agile software has a card system which contains all the possible sources of information regarding the project where its drag and drop interface will allow you to edit in-line. Also, the website is accessible from any browser.
  • Instant notification. Trello will allow you to have an instant notification alert whenever there is a new task assigned or if there are changes or updates made to the project.
  • Well-organized things. Through its collaborative features, it will help you organize things where the cards can be placed in the lists in order to track the progress of your projects.
  • Customized list Here, you will be able to have a customized list of assigned tasks as well.
  • Stay connected. With the use of Trello, you can keep everyone connected even if there are lots of people and boards. Also, it allows you to create as many teams as you want through your free account.
  • Private and secure data. With this agile software, you have a full and complete control of your boards where the data are sent over a secure HTTPS/SSL connection.


  • Visual interface – a pleasurable experience and interaction
  • Flexible system – you can freely create your own workflow or change them


  • Sometimes, the list might appear too long
  • The deadlines of cards may not be what you expected
  • It is not quite easy to use for first time users

Trello will provide you a free use of their basic service. In a Trello Gold, you will pay $5 per month while in a Trello Business Class, you will pay an amount of $5 per month per user. The popular competitors of this agile software are Basecamp, Wrike, JIRA, Genius Project, 10000ft, Podio and Asana.

 — Slimane Zouggari