Taskworld is a collaboration platform (Cloud-based) created by Fred Mouawad. The Software as a Service (SaaS) is specially designed to manage project management, collaboration, knowledge management, delegation, communication and a lot more. Assigning and receiving tasks, adding followers, recording comments, organizing projects, sharing and storing unlimited files will also be a breeze.

In 2006, there was an initial version of the custom-built software. It was made as a solution to address internal issues about accountability, time management and delegation. It was also constructed to avoid failures. Later, the Synergia One implemented the Task Management System that was a success. Because of that, Mouawad has created My Taskworld which later changed into Taskworld. Officially, it was founded in February 2012. In the same year, the founder of the agile software presented a Taskworld prototype at the Business Department of Stanford Graduate School.


The agile software provides a lot of features and benefits that can make anyone feel satisfied. These are project management, enterprise messaging and big data & analytics. If you want to experience a huge change in your business, they are the company you can count on throughout your journey.

  • Task Management – They created an app that can help manage all your tasks effectively. You can create and organize all your present and future projects easily. There are also tasklists feature that will allow you to create a comfortable and efficient workflow. If you are in doubt, you will realize their utmost importance once you try it.

Aside from that, you can assign tasks and make a reliable/time-bound due dates. With that, there will be clarity in objectives that can result to a collaborative teamwork. When you experience having a hard time informing your entire workforce, the company’s app could be a better support on your part.

  • Enterprise Messaging – You can prevent email clutter and other issues by sending them the right messages or files. As a result, you can make your entire team agile that can ensure a grand success. You can also create a variety of public channels that will reach all members of a certain organization. You can employ the app provider’s project chat that can lead to a collaborative teamwork as well.

Cons – At present, most of their clients love cloud-based applications a lot. Whether you have a startup business or seasoned company, you can totally rely on it. Thus, it is tailored to cater all your specific needs and objectives.

Pricing – By choosing Taskworld, you can experience an excellent quality app at a more reasonable and fairer cost. Within 15 days, you will love their free trial. After that, you will pay $8 per month that can result to more savings. In addition, credit card is not required. You can achieve a huge difference without a high expenditure.

Needless to say, task management, enterprise messaging and analytics will be a breeze by using the agile software. Whatever your company is, Taskworld is one of the best applications for you aside from Asana, Wrike, Huddle, Trello and Basecamp Classic. Use it as soon as possible and be ready to encounter a successful business.

 — Slimane Zouggari