Founded in 2009, Scrumwise is known as the company behind the creation of the most advanced, intuitive and friendly scrum tool across the marketplace and is based in Denmark. They have already established their company’s reputable name from the date they have existed through their motivation and passion in creating an agile software that will surely let every user experience its finest details.

What can you expect from it?

  • Comprehensive functionality. Even if you did not have much training about using agile software, with Scrumwise, you can perform basic and comprehensive operations. Here, you can easily create a task or sub-task where you can create your sprint planning. Its burn down feature is quite clear and can collaborate with your choice, whether you wanted to use a story point with hours or a few percentage in order to locate the progress of your work items. Also, it has a simple interface which will allow you to update your board or move a task around.
  • Valuable support. Through years of expertise, their scrum solution has massively improved because of their dedicated team in providing their clients important details about their queries, Another interesting thing about them is that they are quite open for improvements. They will collaborate with you and provide you an API which you can effectively use in creating or manipulating your scrum data.
  • Real time security. One of the most important features that Scrumwise can provide is security. Here, data is not located in America for it is hosted at Amazon’s European data centers located in Ireland. Also, their enterprise-class is creatively designed to be used for critical missions and is organized in a firewalled production environment to ensure reliability and real time security.

Who uses an agile software?

Basically, anyone who has a complex project can use an agile software from Scruwise, especially when they wanted to create to-do lists that can be turned to manageable tasks in order to have a well-improved communication and teamwork as well as faster and better results. Also, the scrum tool is widely used by various companies. Some of the users of Scrumwise are:

  • Small businesses
  • Medium business
  • Large businesses


  • Complete list of task management. Scrumwise can provide you a complete list of task management features starting from setting the task priorities to the grouping of tasks by projects.
  • Efficient track burn rates. Scrumwise will amazingly help you minimize your expenses in tracking your burn rates on your projects that are in progress as it efficiently introduces you great plans and budgeting.


  • Unable to create gantt. Although it is a great thing that Scrumwise can provide you any other feature for traditional project management, unfortunately, it cannot create gantt charts.

How about the pricing?

With a monthly subscription, you will only pay a starting price of $9 that you can pay through your credit card.

Scrumwise Alternatives

There are some popular alternatives for Scrumwise namely Mavenlink, Wrike, Clarizen, Zoho Projects, WorkZone Project Management, Vorex Management Suite, ProWorkflow and Oracle Primavera.

— Slimane Zouggari