Believe it or not, there are a lot of agile software that you can purchase and utilize. However, not all of them does a great job in helping your team in planning, tracking and releasing the software you have always been dreaming to offer to your target users like the Jira software. With its use, it is very much possible for you to upgrade your workflow as well.

As an agile software, it offers great functionality such as issue tracking, support, resource management, budgeting, task management, customization collaboration and others. It is suitable for both small and large companies. It can even be used for personal use as well. Not only that, through this software, you can now also connect with your tea anywhere you are for it is now available for mobile use.


When it comes to seamless engagement and information dissemination, there is no doubt that this agile software is a great software to use. It makes it possible for a member to monitor the overall progress of the tem and use joint editing tools at the same time. Collecting customer requests can also be done through its use with ease. Not only that, one can also arrange these requests based on priority that would be of great help in improving the team’s productivity. It also does a great job in creating, tracking and organizing defects. In the non-agile build, there are also gadgets and filters that are already built-in. through these gadgets and filter, you can now create a dashboard daily.


One of the drawbacks of using this agile software is that it is rather quite hard to setup. It has always been considered as a complicated software for it started off as a bug tracker and has evolved a lot throughout the years. So, if you are not happy with the software’s default configuration, then you would have a hard time configuring it and customizing it according to your needs. It would also be quite difficult to integrate it to other similar tool suites. It also does not provide a history drop and so, it would not be that easy to find the bug or hidden story.


Just like what was mentioned before, this agile software is suitable for small and big teams. For teams with up to 10 members or users, it would cost them $10 every month. On the other hand, for teams with 15 members or users, they need to spend $75 every month in order for them to use it. To cut things short, it could cost as low as $100 and as high as $15,000 annually, depending on how many members would be using it.

Jira also has a lot of competitors including Trello, Asana, Redmine, VersionOne, Bugzilla and others. Each one of these agile software offer unique features that would surely be beneficial for testers and developers. Nevertheless, despite the tough competition going on, the Jira still remains as one of the most used software in the industry.

— Slimane Zouggari