Pair Programming

The concept of Pair Programming that you can find in agile software development is an approach, where two programmers are trying to develop a product while working from a single workstation. They don’t code separately. Instead, they work together and support each other as writing the code. Usually what happens in Pair Programming is where one developer would write the code, whereas the other person would play the role of a navigator or observer. This is where the observer would continuously review each and every line of code that is typed.

At the time of observing the code that is written, the observer would also determine the strategic direction on where the work should follow. He will be coming up with new ideas for implementations along with time. On the other hand, the observer will plan how to address future problems that would take place as well. This would eventually free the driver. Hence, the person who is writing the code will be able to focus only on the tactical aspects of completing the task that is assigned to him. This can eventually help the person who writes the code to overcome pressure and fully focus on the code that is being written.

Pair Programming is a proven method available to enhance overall product quality as well. That’s because two developers who come from two different backgrounds will be able to bring in different experiences into the task. On the other hand, they will be able to assess information that is related to the task in numerous ways. It will even be possible for them to stand in different relationships while catering to the problem. Due to the effectiveness of Pair Programming, the popularity of it is increasing along with time.

— Slimane Zouggari