Programmer Anarchy

For the knowledge of people, Programmer Anarchy is another concept that is related to Agile. It serves as a post-Agile that’s coined by Fred George. Programmer Anarchy says that the development of software is more profound and have more chance to get success when the programmer who’s doing the job is self-organized.

The concept of what to develop manager is less environment where the programmer can still survive without the aid of the manager or the head. Programmer anarchy want to changes the professionalism and involvement of the manager of the team and the programmer takes the responsibility for the fall and success of the project. The author of programmer anarchy wants the developer to be manager less with every project that they do.

When to use Programmer Anarchy?

Program anarchy is the process of developing a product such as application with manager less and instead, they are the one who stands between the clients and the work force. You use the concept of Programmer anarchy when you are on a project, which your team does not need to have a manager that will represent you. You can observe the criteria of the agile team that works hard to meet the deadline, but the difference here is there no other professions that will serve as the manager.

When not to use Programmer Anarchy?

Programmer anarchy gives many benefits for the developers. There is still the presence of commitment needed. Since that, you do not have the manager who will give you the deadline; you are the one to motivate yourself. Most of the developers that cling to the idea are more devoted to finishing the project than the average. If you do not have the gusto to bring all your effort, better stick to the agile way.

Concrete examples of Programmer Anarchy

The author says that the manager has the power to take action and direct it to whom the developer team is. Let us say that the manager want you to rewrite the agile story and repeat the process using .NET and SQL Server. As a developer, you think that it was already written well but the manager insisted that you rewrite it. The manager can be tricky at times because they really do not change the story and makes the effort of the developer go to waste.

Criticisms about Programmer Anarchy   

Shifting to programmer anarchy can be a waterfall because of the shifting of the development team and the customers. It says that agile development manager less can be difficult for the programmer to handle and take the full responsibility. They say that programmer without managers can be stressful for the part of the developer. However, many developers switch to programmer anarchy and happy with the result that they experience.

Even though that programmer anarchy limit or do not buy the idea of manager based team, they still have the presence of agile manifesto compliant. Such as interaction with the process and the tool use, the working software present in the agile thing, collaboration with the customers, and the immediate changes to the plan. Overall, there is the agile way with manager less concept.

— Slimane Zouggari