Radical Management

Radical management is the idea of Steve Denning, the author of many books on leadership and management. Radial management is one of the creation that used in the industry to give agile and favourable response aftermath.

What is Radical Management?

Radical management is a process of managing the firm or organization and a the same time increasing the value of production and other positive factors such as sales that give delight and satisfaction for both the customer and the company. It is one way to achieve the success with many completions in the market.

How Radical Management works

Steve Denning do a good thing in applying the fundamental approach to management that helps any business and firm for better administration. Here is the core principle that he applies in his radical management:

  • Continues innovation from shifting goals to meet the need of providing revenue for the stakeholders to giving delight to the customers in services that the company made.
  • Changing the focus on management by one or few personnel to a sole organized team that will do the individual task and not waits to instruct by the manager.
  • Shift to dynamic linking from the bureaucracy in coordination is prove to do in success result for the company and firm.
  • A shift from the preoccupation with a proven efficiency that will contribute to the continued innovation of the company and firm.
  • Shifting to horizontal communication from the top down commanding style.


Radical management approach is not a new thing to have an agile success in the industry, while it is not new for others, the combination of all the principle will help for agile development.

Practical examples of Radical Management

Say for instance, the company apply radical management to their company. One of the companies that use radical management is the Procter&Gamble. They use the social media and focus on the interest of the customer in a single period. Another, when Ford launches the new car product, they do not use the traditional way. They use stories and other things that focus on the need and interest of the people that is why they got agile development with the sales.

Common pitfalls of Radical Management

No matter how great is the implementation of radical management, there will always a thing that we called on as risk in radical management. One of this aspect is too much self—confidence of the leader or the implementer in the company or firm.  Leader that have too much confidence leave other things unattended. They are the one more likely to bring daring acquisition and shift strategies from time to time.

Criticisms about Radical Management

To meet success and agile result aftermath, there is a need for a leader that will serve as a servant. Some say that radical management is the same with the principle of serval leader; they just wish that the effect were not the same. A servant leader is hard to find these days.

Radical management does shift in serving the investor to serving the customers. The approach does generate an agile increase in the sales result; it does not focus on the tradition that is why it attracts success.

— Slimane Zouggari