Schneider culture model

Schneider culture model explains how people are getting things done in order to ensure their success in the future. This culture model was developed by William Schneider, who has been working as a psychologist for more than four decades. According to Schneider culture model, he explains that no culture is better when compared to another. Instead, you will only be able to discover strengths and weaknesses in the different cultures. If you can keep this fact in your mind and move forward, you will be able to understand the perfect culture, which will match with the work that you do in the company or team.

Having different cultures within an agile company can often lead towards conflicting situations. Hence, it is better to implement the best fitting culture and move forward with that.

When you deep dive and take a look at Schneider culture model, you will notice that there are four different types of cultures.

  • Control culture

Control culture is process driven. It is ensuring organization success based on processes and data. In here, the control culture would not require any competition. Leaders will manage the work. You can find control cultures in police and military.

  • Collaboration culture

Collaboration culture is where people work together in order to achieve one common goal. You will be able to find working managers in here. It is important to have excellent relationships in here, so that the goals can be achieved effectively.

  • Cultivation culture

Cultivation culture is often focusing one greater mission. This culture can be found in social impact organizations, non-profit organizations and religious organizations. In here, the leaders will remove obstacles that will keep the organization away from achieving its mission.

  • Competence cultures

Competence culture is using the best possible talents in order to bring out ideas. This culture is all about winning by bringing the best talent. For example, they focus on developing the best product on the market.

— Slimane Zouggari