The Laloux Culture Model

If you are looking forward to evolve the culture of your agile organization, you need to pay more attention towards Laloux Culture Model. That’s because it shows a clear indication on how you will be able to evolve and move forward as an organization.

The primary objective of Laloux Culture Model is to reinvent organizations. In here, the talents of people who work for an organization are unleashed. Along with that, it is possible to end up with excellent results. In order to do that, Laloux Culture Model will explain how you will be able to understand how the organization culture looks like.

The Laloux Culture Model will showcase how the society has evolved throughout the past years and discovered new methods of working together. Every stage is associated with value. Going for an advanced working methodology will not always deliver better results. It is all about ensuring that the requirement matches with the context.

There are multiple elements in Laloux Culture Model. If you want to get a better understanding about this model, you should be aware about those different elements as well.

  • Centralized power and structure

Centralized power and structure will showcase that you are the leader and everyone should agree to what you say. Street gangs is a perfect example for centralized power and structure. This is represented by the hierarchy of the organization. It explains how command and control flows down.

  • Achievement

It is also important to shift focus accordingly, so that better achievements can be obtained at the end of the day. In here, you create plans and make people accountable for achieving those plans in a timely manner.

  • People

It is also important for the organizations to empower people who work. Then it is possible to provide support for the people and allow them to achieve their goals.

  • Shared power

Laloux Culture Model will also focus on self-managing people. They are making their decisions independently.

— Slimane Zouggari