The Sahota Culture Model

The Sahota Culture Model is an important model that all the agile teams will be able to follow. It was developed in order to understand organizational culture in a better way. In fact, the Sahota Culture Model is sharing a clear understanding about the culture via identification of the different elements, which are interconnected with each other and which are responsible for shaping the culture. This will also highlight the need to focus on the structures as well as the consciousness of a system.

People who work for agile teams often tend to focus on the processes or structures, instead of focusing on people and understanding how they work together. This can eventually give life to a variety of negative consequences. The primary objective of The Sahota Culture Model is to make sure that it doesn’t happen. In this model, we are reminded of the fact that the reality is all about consciousness or the mind-set of the people, instead of processes and structures.

As per the current organizational structure, leaders are influencing the followers. They are the ones who create the processes and urge the followers to adhere to the processes and move forward with them. This kind of a culture will not be able to deliver the best possible results to an organization. That’s why it is important to move forward with a different cultural model. The Sahota Culture Model will create an ideal environment for that.

Upon the implementation of Sahota Culture Model, it is possible for the followers to go ahead and influence the leaders. Along with that, they will be able to tell the leaders that they are expecting a change and inquire how they will be able to contribute towards it. That’s where the followers will be able to introduce appropriate changes to their behaviour and get the results they expect.

— Slimane Zouggari