Scrum: Sprint Review

Getting to know more about sprint will help in understanding more about processes done in preparing for a meeting. With this review, you will learn more about Scrum. In Scrum, it is a requirement for every sprint to provide a product increment that is potentially shippable. This only means that as every sprint ends, the team should already produce a piece of software that is tested, coded, and usable. Most of the time, this is presented in a form of demo where all new features are shown and are introduced to everyone in the review meeting.
Whenever a sprint review meeting is on process, it is most of the time kept informal. This is done intentionally but forbids the team that will present their demo to use any PowerPoint slides and not use more than 2 hours of preparing before attending and presenting the meeting. When it comes to handling sprint review meeting, it should not be treated by the team as a distraction or even a detour for the entire team. It should be taken by the team as a natural result for the sprint. This will help the team in improving their work and still attain their goal of making it great in the presentation.
Teams who are preparing for the sprint review, they should be prepared for the people whom they are presenting their demos with. The meeting usually includes the Scrum Team, Scrum Master, product owner, customers, management, and also some developers coming as representatives from other projects. Knowing how the people are in the review meeting will help the entire team in always being prepared of the possible reactions from everyone. It can possibly help them in being active in receiving questions and also in taking in recommendations or improvements that must be done.
When the time of the sprint review is done, the entire project will be assessed contrary to the goal that is usually determined throughout the meeting for sprint planning. This is usually the biggest challenged for the team as their goals can be questioned and may put their work into further questioning. For the team to succeed and impress the people in the meeting, the team should already arrive in the meeting with the product backlog item completely done. The item should be brought in the sprint where the sprint’s overall goal is achieved. This way, it can impress both the product owner, developers of other projects, and even the Scrum Master.
In the meeting, everyone attending is expecting the team to provide live demonstration and not show them a report. It is the product owner’s right to review all the commitments in the meeting and will be the one declaring the items that are considered as done. On the other hand, the Scrum master will be the one converting the feedbacks into another product backlog items that prioritizes everything that the owner wants. Usually, when there is a new scope discovered during the development of the new items, the new scope is displacing the old scope as the discovered scope is give more important than the original one.

Slimane Zouggari