Scrum: Definition of Ready

Learning when to use the definition of ready is another confusing thing for many. Currently, many teams are using the definition of done or DoD for checking whenever a user story is already finished or whenever the products is already set for delivery. However, when it comes to user stories that certain teams receive from product owners, teams can only verify user stories when the Definition of Ready or DoR is used.
Given that there are more individuals who are interested with learning more about what definition of ready is and why it is essential for the increase of the planning productivity of the team, there are even blogs pertaining to this term and are explaining its significance in a team. Anyone can agree that DoR is usually the least to be utilized yet considered as powerful tools that any agile team can use. As what Scrum defined DoR, stories should be instantly actionable. A team should have the ability of determining what should be done as well as the needed amount of work that is required for it to be completed. Those stories that are labeled “ready” should be concise, clean and actionable.
While DoR is used for most activities and artifacts, there are some who find it as the introduction for the important factor in the work stream which is the concept of preparing for planning. There are even benefits of a well-structured DoR that teams can get. These benefits are the following:
• Allows measuring the “ready” state of a backlog item.
• Ensures that the backlog items were thought together “just enough”
• Helps the team in the identification of other team members or product owner that is becoming overwhelmed.
• Keeps the entire team accountable for every member
• Reduces the pressure over the team for committing estimates prior to labeling stories as “ready”
• Reduces the possibility of requirements churn during development.
With all of these benefits in mind, there is no doubt that DoR can possibly solve problems of most teams who are working on stories.
Basically, a team that are working together towards attaining “readiness of the stories” will help product owners in an amazing way especially when it comes to improving themselves better. Also, it can help the team in not waiting longer for blockers for resolving every sprint.
There are also other ways on how people can use or take advantage of definition of ready in creating an overly regulated process which may impede the collaboration between the development team and owner. This means that whenever there are communication issues with the two parties, Dor can be extended using a new policy.
Once particular improvements of definition of ready are done, it will then require the product owner to state that every requirement is correct, consistently pre-checked done by a software architect and another product owner, and should also complete. This will prevent any missing details or ambiguity.
When it comes to DoR, experts are recommending teams to choose smaller DoR. This allows the entire team to be more capable when it comes to handling any incomplete information.

Slimane Zouggari