Seiketsu is the lean manufacturing tool fourth step of the 5S, which is proven to be a powerful method in organizing your house and working area safely and efficiently. The 5S including the Seiketsu can reduce or eliminate the seven wastes and other types of wastes such as Mura and Muri. When you apply the methodology, you will be given the opportunity to experience its various benefits. Even though the step is simple, this belongs to one of the most known lean tools out there.
This is specifically created in order to standardize all things or actions you have made in the first three steps of 5S. Nevertheless, it has other purposes or functions that you have to be familiar with. The step is not only for housekeeping but also in attaining standardized work that can ensure you of the most efficient ways of doing which is being performed repeatedly. Generally, the tool is made in order to make working ways standardized with respect to the three stages, and your operations. When you do not have this kind of working processes, you will not have the capacity to improve your work and you will not know the root causes of your errors.
The first thing that you need to do is that, you have to standardize the first stages of 5S and that is Seiri, Seiton, and Seiso. In this action, you are assured enough that the cleaning process will be a part of everyday routine by providing equipment, documented instructions, and time. Bear in mind that you should employ red tags in all your working areas for your comfort and convenience. Aside from that, you can use one color for every cell and different colors for the finished product. So, color codes the various working areas that have different functions in order to make all things as clear as possible.
The 5S as a method comes from the Toyota Production System and Total Productive Maintenance. But, it can be indebted to Taylor for Scientific Management and Frank Gilbreth for Time and Motion Studies. In addition to that, the tool was being developed in Japan by Hiroyuki Hirano. These are responsible for housekeeping and working area with the best practice and optimized manufacturing performance.
In Seiketsu, you will be familiar with the tasks you need to do all throughout the cleaning process. You will also know all tools required, the sequence, and the time needed for all tasks. Since cleanliness has been one of your top priorities, you can maintain it when you know the sources of dirt that you can possibly eliminate, the type of cleaning that needs to be performed at all times, the kind of cleaning that has to be carried out weekly, and more.
Summing it up, Seiketsu can help you when you want to make your working place and house organized and clean as possible as this will help you make an amazing and appealing environment in both places. Having this kind of milieu, the productivity will be improved as well. Moreover, there is a need to apply the 5S for overall quality.

— Slimane Zouggari