Achieve a Conducive Workplace with Seiso

Seiso is the third step of 5S method, which simply means to make everything shiny and clean. The best thing about this is that this is only a one-time step right in the process. The two main goals of this step are the following:
• To learn the process of maintaining the level of cleanliness
• To set new standards for cleanliness
In simpler words, this is the thorough cleaning of a certain area, machine, tool, and any other equipment in order to ensure that everything is returned to nearly new status. In addition to that, Seiso will also ensure that the non-conformity stands out such as the oil leak coming from the machine into a bright and newly painted clean floor.
The Process
Even though this will explain the process in its greater detail, here are the basics:
• Assign small groups to work on various sections of a certain company or factory
• Clean and at the same time inspect everything including the work stations, machinery, open floor spaces, storage cabinets, and more
• Take note of what to be cleaned or be tidied and determine how frequently it might be needed. Know what the needed resources are.
• The final step in Seiso is to finish documenting the results by means of taking photographs of the final results. This will then become the new standard.
The Benefits of Seiso
• Higher performance
• Cleanliness
• Higher employee morale. In Seiso, the employees mainly work in teams with the management participating fully and actively.
• Learning how to successfully do the cleaning. When you do cleaning yourself, expect that you will surely get fresh and new ideas on how to make this kind of work easier and faster when you do it the next time.
• Setting the new standard for the future cleanliness. If there are no standards, no one could possibly live up to them. The worst part is people will always do as little as needed to satisfy themselves. On the other hand, the effort will be wasted mainly because the next person will surely undermine all those efforts.
For you to know how to use Seiso here is an example you can use as a guide.
• The first thing that you should do is divide the workplace or a factory into numbers of different areas. You can include here the work stations, machinery, open floor spaces, and storage areas such as tool racks, cabinets or rooms.
• You can now assign the team to each area. Normally, there is a two-person team that works well to share all the cleaning, thinking as well as recording tasks.
• Train the teams in order to know what they must do and what they must need to report. Each of the team should clean their own area and should also report on their own findings.
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— Slimane Zouggari