When is Devops Not Adequate ?

Jez Humble clearly explained and identified DevOps as a cross-disciplinary community of practice and is dedicated to the study of evolving, building and operating changing and rapid resilient systems at a scale. This may already be a good definition but this may be specific and esoteric to internet-based startup types.
For those companies and businesses that practice DevOps, they have reported some of the significant benefits such as an enhanced customer satisfaction, shorter time-to-market, better quality product, improved productivity, reliable releases, efficiency and more. Apart from it, they also have built the right and the best product through fast experimentation.
And since DevOps means a cultural collaboration and shift between operations and development, there is really no unique tool or toolchain that consist of multiple tools. DevOps tools can also exactly fit into 1 or more categories of code, build, test, package, release, configure and monitor.
Even though there are tools available in the market, others still attempt of identifying the basic tools right through the existing literature. Tools like Puppet, Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant and more are frequently referenced and used in the tooling discussions of DevOps.
When Devops is Not Really Adequate?
Devops is such a good movement and a good practice but this is not adequate enough when there is a lack of clarity that leads to confusion. It is also believed that it encompasses the mindset of enhancing the efficiency of information technology processes that helps businesses in meeting their main objectives of market share, profit and more. All teams will have to be brought together in such an IT function like development, operations, security and QA. They will be enforced to work together and share their plans. They will also help one another and will automate the process of an increased efficiency.
But, as mentioned, the lack of clarity could mean that DevOps is not adequate enough. This will also not be effectively done when IT is not well respected or well funded, like in marketing or sales. Thus, there is a need for it to be implemented by the business leaders. They must further realize how information technology can help them in meeting their essential business objectives. This way, a company can invest more in IT.
DevOps is such a mindset when looking at the companies’ transformation and correlation to the tech-focused numbers. Actually, this is the reason why a lot of startups today post their technology bloom. They also introduced a product that is based on technology like web applications, Saas solutions and mobile applications.
DevOps may not be adequate enough when the money has been invested in the best sales people. But, companies or firms have not exactly realized the consistent IT flaws like product failures and website crashes that only lead to loss in sales.
Before doing the automation of an infrastructure, there should be a real change in the business. People should accept the fact of working together in achieving goals. This way, they will not feel and consider themselves as a detached function.

— Slimane Zouggari