Why is Devops so popular?

Why Devops is now Hitting the Mainstream and Becoming More Popular ?
Devops, the compound acronym for “development” and operations is now becoming increasingly popular. This has become a famous practice among IT professionals and software developers. Devops differs from the old working landscape through emphasizing the significance of communication, cross-departmental collaboration and team based collaboration.
The reasons why Devops is now hitting the mainstream and becoming more popular are as follows:
 Greater security
 Increase market speed
 Increased conversions
 Customer satisfaction
 Environment stability
 Time availability
 Continuous software delivery.
Devops is also viewed as a movement, culture or practice which emphasizes communication and collaboration of Information Technology or IT experts and software developers while both automates software delivery process as well as infrastructure changes. Devops aims to establish environment and culture where testing, building and releasing software can happen frequently, rapidly and can take place more rapidly.
Devops is said to be the combination of tasks carried out by a particular company’s system operations and application development. This term is now being used in many different ways. Devops broadest meaning is defined as the philosophy promoting better communication between development and operation as more essential elements of operations turn out to be programmable.
In its narrow meaning, Devops describes a part of the IT team of a certain organization which creates then maintains infrastructure. This term can also be used to describe team of software engineers strategically looking for complete chain of software delivery overseeing the shared services and mastering the utilization of best practices and development tools.
The Different Sub-Concepts of this Ever Popular Devops
Devops is now becoming a buzzword and many organizations and individuals are talking about it. Devops is not really a tool, innovative framework or technology. This is more of concepts and philosophy. Devops is composed of two emerging words; development and operations.
Devops is known to include different sub-concepts like:
• Continuous Integration
This is more about the culture of incorporating source code or application code to source code repositories. Build tools are utilized to verify check in through integrating the source code repositories and continuous tools for integration.
• Continuous Testing
Unit testing or automated testing is used for such type of automated testing and these reliable tools are properly integrated in continuous integration behavior via tools.
• Cloud Provisioning or Continuous Provisioning
Cloud instance or virtual machines are flexible and highly available with pay per use feature. It is also ultimately beneficial to make different forms of instances for diverse environments such as staging, production, testing and development.
• Configuration Management
This concept is also useful especially in terms of making runtime environment entirely ready in more consistent manner all across all environments. There are configuration management tools that can be used to easily manage given resources.
• Continuous Deployment or Delivery
Continuous deployment or continuous delivery is a term commonly use day by day. Continuous delivery is being used when the package file is deployment ready to any environment while continuous deployment on the other hand is the term used when the package file is production-deployment ready.
Many companies and individuals are now using Devops for varied reasons. Those that practice Devops have reported amazing benefits which include significantly short market time, greater product quality, more improved client satisfaction, reliable releases, efficiency and more. The benefits also include building the right products through fast experimentations. Though individuals and companies have different stands and personal views about Devops, no one can deny the unique sets of benefits it brings.

— Slimane Zouggari